Today, we continue our Unseen series, exploring the supernatural realm and its spiritual significance in our faith. Understanding the Holy Spirit and the supernatural can be challenging, as we often seek tangible evidence and objective study. However, experiences play a crucial role in grasping these concepts.

In the past, some of you may have grown up in a home where everything was over-spiritualized and attributed to karma-like consequences. As you deepened your faith, you discovered a disconnect between what you were taught and the Jesus you encountered in the Bible.

Our aim is to help you unlearn and reconstruct aspects of spirituality that are not aligned with biblical truths, rather than tearing down your beliefs completely.

Unseen Battles

As physical beings, we also possess a supernatural and spiritual dimension, and our challenge is to navigate and interact with both realms. We appreciate your presence today, although we acknowledge that the topics discussed may be difficult. Last week, we explored angels, and today we delve into the subject of demons. While belief in angels is widely accepted, skepticism tends to be higher when it comes to demons. We urge you to stay open-minded and continue with us, despite any initial doubts.

Cultural beliefs regarding the supernatural vary, with some readily embracing the existence of evil forces. However, it’s easy to veer towards extremes where everything is attributed to demons or angels. Our goal in the Unseen series is to find a balanced perspective, as C.S. Lewis noted that humans can fall into two errors regarding demons: disbelief in their existence or an excessive and unhealthy fascination with them.

Understanding evil in the unseen realm is akin to comprehending germs and viruses. In the past, humanity was unaware of their existence and impact on our lives, but recent times have highlighted their pervasive nature and consequences. Similarly, we must find a balance in acknowledging the danger without succumbing to obsessive fear, considering our unique circumstances and vulnerabilities.

Demons, The Satan, & Spiritual Warfare

Let’s explore the blind spots we may have regarding the supernatural and engage in a process of unlearning and deconstruction. Starting with demons, we need to dispel popular misconceptions. Demons are not as portrayed in pop culture; they are not responsible for every misfortune in the world. Many events can be attributed to natural causes or human choices. Demons are fallen angels who can interact with and influence the human world, perpetuating evil and hindering God’s will. However, their possession of individuals is not a complete takeover but rather a level of influence and control.

Moving on to Satan, we encounter this spiritual being early in the Bible, symbolized as a serpent tempting humans in the Garden of Eden. Satan, also known as the devil, is characterized as the adversary, a liar, and a thief. However, it’s important to note that Satan is not the counterpart of God’s goodness. Satan is just one of many fallen angels, whereas Jesus is God incarnate.

Regarding spiritual warfare, the Bible describes the battle between good and evil in the unseen realm. This battle is not physical but rather a spiritual struggle against the forces of darkness. It’s crucial to recognize that this spiritual warfare is not a call to fear or obsess over demons but rather to be aware of their existence and the potential influence they can have in our lives.

In Conclusion…

In the Unseen series, we aim to navigate these topics with biblical guidance and a balanced perspective, helping you understand the supernatural realm while staying grounded in the truth of the Gospel. Join us for our online services or visit us in-person to receive support and guidance as you explore these aspects of faith. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, please let us know.