We’re starting a new series called Unseen. I believe it’s crucial for us to explore the realm of the supernatural and delve into the unseen dimension of life. Within the Christian faith, we understand that there is more to our existence than what our senses can perceive.

Discussing the unseen may make some of us uncomfortable. However, I invite you to embrace the unknown as we unbox God within our faith. It’s in these uncharted territories that we can grow, learn, and experience the fullness of God’s presence. While we may not always find concrete answers to all our questions, we can tangibly experience the supernatural in our lives.

What Are Angels?

In the first part of this series, we will focus on angels. These celestial beings are mentioned extensively throughout the Bible, yet we often overlook their significance in our everyday conversations. Surprisingly, a majority of Americans believe in angels, according to recent surveys. It’s intriguing to consider how prevalent this belief is, even though we rarely discuss it.

Let’s dispel some common misconceptions about angels. Contrary to popular portrayals of chubby baby-like figures with harps, angels are not plump infants or deceased humans turned into celestial beings. They are distinct spiritual beings created by God, sent as messengers from the heavenly realms to fulfill his purposes. Angels are not divine like God is, but are servants and agents of his will.

Angels are messengers who bring important news and revelations. They offer comfort, encouragement, and strength to those in need. Angels can intervene in times of trouble, providing rescue and deliverance. Moreover, they help direct us in fulfilling God’s mission and joining him in his work.

Why Do Angels Matter to Me?

Why is the study of angels and the unseen realm relevant to us? Angels remind us that we are not alone. God sends these celestial messengers to assist and guide us on our journey. They unveil God’s purposes and help us discern how to respond in different situations. By acknowledging the presence of angels, we can shift our fear to faith, knowing that God equips us to face spiritual battles and provides protection.

In the coming weeks, we will delve into specific stories from the Bible that highlight the significance of angels. I encourage each one of you to pray for open eyes and a heightened awareness of the unseen realm throughout this series. As we embrace the unseen, we will experience a deeper connection with God and find assurance in our faith.