Finding Financial Freedom

What the Bible says about money and possessions is one of the most challenging topics we cover every other year at Madison Church. They’re also the most talked about subjects in the Old and New Testaments. God knew finances would be a source of anxiety, fear, and stress for people.

It is possible to experience financial freedom without being a millionaire. Our series aims to teach you some of what the Bible says about money, help you draw closer to God, and have more financial peace. The “win” in doing this study is to hear people say they objectively feel better about their financial situation because of what we’ve discussed.

Jesus warns us beyond the guard of every kind of greed (Luke 12:15). Jesus knew something that none of us want to admit: we all have a great capacity for greed. Jesus again reminds us that life is more than the stuff we acquire.

For most of us, the pain in our lives isn’t the number of resources we have. In many cases, our ability or inability to make a plan and stick to that plan is what causes hardship.

We’re told repeatedly to NOT test God, but when it comes to tithing, God gives us permission. This is the only time you can try God in the Bible. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. God’s blessings are greater than money and possessions.

Jesus says there are more important things than tithing. His examples in this passage are mercy, justice, and faith. Jesus is saying, however, if we can’t get generosity right, we may as well forget about something important like justice.

Giving Is Good Jesus is known for his profound wisdom and paradigm-breaking teaching. Even 2,000 years after Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, his followers are challenged to live in the ways he has called us. One of those countercultural teachings is found in Acts when he is quoted as saying: “It is more blessed to...
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Winning The Lottery In 1988, a man named William Bud only had $5 in his checking account when he bought some lottery tickets. As fate would have it, Bud won the $16,000,000 jackpot. It’s not hard to imagine how Bud must have felt because we’ve all had $5 to our name at some point and...
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We went to Florida in our old 2012 Ford Escape with 210,000 miles on it last December. All my friends were taking bets if it would break down in Nashville, Atlanta, or Orlando. We made it back, though! We found out that the air conditioner doesn’t work on the way down there, which was a...
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