How (NOT) To Read the Bible

Dive into a captivating playlist of teachings that explore the enduring power and relevance of the Bible in our modern world. Join us as we navigate complex topics with humility and an open mind, uncovering the mysteries within biblical texts and their impact on faith and beliefs. This series delves beyond interpretation, examining how the Bible shapes our relationship with God and guides us in loving one another.

From untangling controversial stories to addressing tough questions on violence, gender, and science, we engage with Dan Kimball’s insights. We shed light on mistranslations, bizarre laws, and the enigmatic world of biblical interpretation. Emphasizing context, culture, history, and science, we journey from Genesis to Revelation, fostering a vibrant relationship with sacred texts.

Embark on a journey through women’s roles in the Bible, exploring leadership, power dynamics, and cultural contexts. We challenge conventional wisdom, offering fresh perspectives that empower women to embrace their gifts.

Delve into the intersection of science and the Bible, unraveling creation narratives and examining different perspectives. We encourage curiosity and a quest for truth, inviting you to ask, seek, and knock.

Explore how religious convictions can influence perceptions of tolerance and exclusivity. We dissect diverse faith responses to essential questions, unveiling the uniqueness of each religion while advocating a deeper understanding of faith’s core principles.

Uncover the complexities of violence in the Old Testament, discussing graphic stories and their relevance today. Engage in a thought-provoking conversation about God’s character, compassion, and the paradoxes within the Bible.

This playlist invites you to read the Bible for transformation, embrace diverse perspectives, and seek more profound insights into faith, spirituality, and the human experience.

How (Not) To Read The Bible
Violence & The Bible Most nights, when we’re putting our sons to bed, we have Oliver read his Bible Storybook to Elijah. It’s a good Bible for their age and stage of life. When I was preparing for the subject that we’re getting into today, violence in the Old Testament, I was curious how his...
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