Lindsey Wilson

Emotional Health Coach

Lindsey Wilson is a certified Emotional Health Coach. She received her certification in November 2022 through the prestigious Alive & Free Coach Launch program. She calls Madison her home but is ready to provide coaching services to individuals from anywhere, utilizing the convenience of Zoom calls.

In each coaching session with Lindsey, the focus is on you and your unique journey. She dedicates her time to getting to know you personally, embracing your individuality and guiding you through the healing process as you connect with your emotions and decipher the messages they hold. Lindsey empowers you with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate this emotional journey independently, all while offering unwavering support as you acquire these valuable skills.

Lindsey’s coaching approach creates a safe and nurturing space for your deepest and most authentic feelings, beliefs, and needs to emerge and be explored. Her commitment to providing a secure, non-judgmental environment creates a transformative experience.

As a part of Madison Church’s commitment to caring for its community, we are pleased to introduce Lindsey Wilson. Whether you seek to improve your emotional well-being, repair relationships, discover your identity from a spiritual perspective, connect with God on an intimate and personal level, or achieve other personal goals, Lindsey is here to assist you on your journey toward wholeness and growth.