When our identity is firmly rooted in Jesus, we become new people. This is a lifelong process, a constant stripping off the old and putting on the new. Masterpiece will be an encouragement for everyone to begin to see themselves, the church, and the world as God’s masterpiece.


I Am God's Masterpiece

Stephen Feith

It is God who gives us our identity. We do not earn it. It is a gift of God that no one can take away from us.

I Am A Member Of God's Family

Stephen Feith

The cross encourages us to find our identity first in and through Jesus, and then it empowers us to leverage the person he created us to be for the good of this world.

I Am A Work In Progress

Daniel Dougherty

Paul writes in Philippians to “work out our salvation,” but he isn’t telling us to earn salvation… Rather, he wants us to “live it out.” This week is about being a work in progress (and giving yourself grace on the journey).

I Am Gifted

Stephen Feith

Each of us has been equipped by God with certain gifts. Our gift is to be leveraged for the sake of the good; our gift is not a stand-alone gift, but is to be joined with the gifts of others to form something beautiful. We are not a “singular” masterpiece, but rather a masterpiece inside a larger masterpiece God is forming.

I Am Strong

Stephen Feith

We are strong because of the power of God. It is him who fights for us, and the fight is not against one another but against evil. We are our strongest when we realize the fight is not against my brother or sister, but against evil, and we are strongest when we allow God’s power to fight for us and through us.