The season of Advent is a season of waiting, of expectation, and of hope. The people of Israel had been waiting on a promised Messiah for hundreds of years. Many lost hope and wondered if God was going to come through on his promises. Like the Israelites, many of us have lost hope because our current circumstances are overwhelming. We’ve been waiting on God to answer, but the silence seems deafening. This series explores the plight of specific characters in New Testament (often finding our story inside their story), and will lead us to discover that the birth of Jesus means there is HOPE FOR EVERYONE.


Dealing With Disappointment

Daniel Dougherty

When things don’t go our way we typically respond with anger, doubt, or some sort of disappointment. During this message we’ll attempt to help people see that even when things don’t go our way, we can remain hopeful. And inside the tension between asking and receiving we can learn some valuable lessons about how life works and the hope Christ brings to us.

Unexpected Purpose

Mike Glassford

God brings purpose to our life in the most unexpected places.

Facing Your Fears

Stephen Feith

Every page of the Bible reveals that God is with us wherever we go, so we do not need to be afraid in any situation or circumstance.

Hope Has Come

Stephen Feith

While we are often told not to “get our hopes up,” because of Jesus we can have renewed hope and believe that what he brings to us is far better than we could ever hope for!

Hope For Everyone

Stephen Feith

From the moment Jesus was born, a message was communicated that there is hope for everyone. We see an angel first appear to the shepherds (the poor and lowly), and then a star leading the wise men (magi), who were wealthy scientists.