The Old Testament tells the story of God and the people of Israel B.C., Before Christmas. During the time of the kings, God sent prophets to speak words of wisdom, instruction, and warning. These prophets had names like Micah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Malachi. Unfortunately, very often the kings and their people ignored the words of the prophets and the results were disastrous. Standing on the other side of this B.C. history, we discover that Jesus fulfilled the Messianic prophecies spoken long ago. During this series, we will discover that not only was Jesus the Savior the people of Israel had been waiting for, he is the Savior we need now.


A Promise Of Peace

Jason Webb

Through Jesus we can now experience peace.

A Reason For Faith

Stephen Feith

When life feels uncertain, we don’t have to fear because Jesus is King.

A Vision Of Hope

Stephen Feith

In Jesus, we find hope for the future that changes our present.


Stephen Feith

Jesus’ birth changed time, changed the world and this Christmas, can change us.

A Sign Of Love

Jake Musselman

Jesus came to show us how much we are loved.