Madison Church West

Weekend Service
Sundays 10:30am Childcare Available

Madison Church
(Lussier Community Education Center)

55 S Gammon Rd.
Madison, WI 53717

Madison Church West Staff

We are a fun and passionate group working together, with you, to connect people with God and each other.

Briana Lawton

Nursery Leader

Briana has no church background prior to attending Madison Church. She discovered our church when a coworker invited her. Briana loves the friendly people and environment, and says the messages are awesome.

Ginger Millard

Early Childhood Leader

Megan Feith

Elementary Leader

Megan has gone to church as far back as she can remember, attending the same church for most of her childhood. Stephen and her are married, so she’s been with us since the very beginning. Megan loves that our church feels like a family, encouraging one another in our spiritual journeys.

Tamra Dougherty

Multimedia Leader

Growing up a military brat, Tamra’s church background was varied and irregular. Her family found our church on Google shortly after moving to Madison in 2015. Tamra loves how the church feels like family.

Benita Glassford

Ushers/Greeters Leader

Growing up, Benita regularly attended a Lutheran Church with her family. She found our church online. Benita loves the messages and people who make them feel like family.

Marie Maize

Band Leader

Marie was raised in a Springfield, Missouri megachurch, though felt resistant to it. She joined our launch team and has been with us since our first weekend service in 2014. Marie loves the people in our faith community who motivate her to grow and support her.